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Fast, Flat and Free: How the internet has changed your business

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Gihan Perera, First Step Publishing, RRP$33.00

Most books about internet marketing give you either the theory or the practice. Here’s one that gives you both.

If you are tired of hearing about “engagement” and “collaboration” but not getting any ideas on how to put those buzz words to work, Gihan Perera shows you how.

This is a marketing book as much as a practical guide. Perera has been working with the internet since before there was an internet. He is aware of both its strengths and its limitations. What the book does is tell you what works and what doesn’t.

In a logical order, he makes you look at your business in internet terms. He asks first what is it you are actually trying to achieve, then provides a step-by-step process for making it happen.

The stress is on quality rather than quantity and this in turn helps you prioritise the actions you should take. It’s not about doing everything. Rather it’s about doing what works for you.

That helps address the perennial question: “Isn’t this going to take a lot of my time?”

The answer is no if you focus down on the niche you are trying to capture.

That’s where the marketing ideas in this book come into their own. It might seem that this is just revisiting some old theories from Marketing 101 but the strength of the book is that it shows you how to put them into practice on the net, quickly and simply.

The implied revision is no bad thing either.

The best demonstration of that is the associated website. It is integrated into the book with relevant downloads highlighted in each section.

You can call it up on your PC or on your smartphone (the book shows how; it takes a couple of minutes) and dig deeper on the topics that suit your needs.

By doing so, Perera demonstrates what the book is saying. Although access to the site is free, you learn the processes by effectively being one of his customers.

It soon becomes clear how his ideas work. What that does is show you how to market a product – in this case, a book and a service.

Marketing on the net is a crowded space. Fast, Flat and Free helps you narrow down to the things that will be effective for you, be it newsletters, social media, videos, blogs or podcasts.

The approach is ideal for anyone who focuses on a community – from real estate agents to specialist consultants.

If you are confused about your online presence, this easy read will give you some clarity about what’s required and lead you to the right action.

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