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5 stars out of 5

Alan Hargreaves, Wiley & Sons

Reviewed by Gihan Perera on Amazon

There are many good books about business growth, but this is one of the best I've read, because it's organized as 52 self-contained ideas. So it's easy to pick up the book, grab one idea, and put it into practice in your business.

I've seen other books try this "bite-sized chunks" format, but most fail, because they just end up being a random collection of disparate thoughts. This book is different, because the ideas have been carefully grouped and sequenced, so they follow on from each other, while still being independent. And it's not that these ideas lack depth just because they are succinct. On the contrary, they seem very well-considered and can have significant impact if applied correctly.

Even the sections of the book that didn't seem directly relevant to me had some gems I could use. For example, the idea about delegation isn't directly relevant, because I have a very small, geographically dispersed, team with clear roles, so I don't have much to delegate on a day-to-day basis. But the key concept of that chapter is to ask the question, "Who is the best person to handle this?", and that DOES apply to me when I'm considering the dozens of e-mail messages I receive every day.

With most business books, I'm happy if I get one practical, actionable idea. "Recharge" has given me many more than one, and I've already decided I'm going to try one each week!

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