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Recharge Your Batteries - audio interview

Bob Kearsley interviews Alan Hargreaves on Business Essentials

Running a business can be like running a marathon, and just as exhausting. So what do you do when your energy's flagging and inertia is setting in? People are relying on you to show leadership and keep things moving forward, but you're becoming stuck in a rut. Longtime business consultant and author Alan Hargreaves has some sound suggestions, distilled from his book "Recharge".

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Start-ups have more barriers to entry and exit

by Alan Hargreaves in the Australian Financial Review

The market for start-up capital is being squeezed at both ends.  On one hand, soft valuations have put exit sales into limbo. On the other, nervousness about a successful exit stops investors from entering in the first place.  It also means less capital returning for reinvestment.

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Alan Hargreaves Interview with Steve Brossman

Steve Brossman from BusinessOnlineTV talks with Alan about his new book Recharge.

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Recharge Your Management Batteries

by Alan Hargreaves in Management Today

If you're personally mired in a state of inertia, achieving momentum requires a bold rethink.

Why does a business lose momentum? There can be structural reasons: shifts in economy, technological change, the age of the business or its people.  Mostly, however, it's management.  All those structural things can be managed, but in challenging times management batteries can run low. Over time, inertia sets in.

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Surfing the business life cycle

by Alan Hargreaves in Flying Solo

Like many other aspects of life, business is full of cycles. Being aware of the business life cycle you’ll be better equipped to respond, and to reignite your energy during the inevitable downward turns.

As the recent GFC has shown, the economy moves in cycles, with a recession and subsequent recovery roughly every five or six years. There’s the life cycle of your products, which don’t remain fashionable forever. There’s also the life cycle of your business: it might begin as an exciting start-up but in most cases, decline is probably out there some day. 

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