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Simple steps to boost cash flow - audio interview

Bob Kearsley interviews Alan Hargreaves on Business Essentials

We are all familiar with the maxim that "cash flow is king" but that doesn't take us very far when we're engaged in a constant battle to keep sales and revenue up and costs down. What can we do in practical terms to go beyond simple acknowledgement of the importance of cash flow and actually improve it? And what benefit will achieving that improvement actually bring us? Alan has some very clear ideas on that, as well as many other aspects of running a modern business. He has distilled a lot of them into a new book called 60 Second Recharge: Work and Life made Simple. That straightforward approach underpins his advice on cash flow as he tells Bob Kearsley.

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Cash Flow Strategies For Bootstrapped Businesses - audio interview

Bob Kearsley interviews Alan Hargreaves on Cash Flow Strategies

2012 could prove to be as tough a year as the one just gone. It will be more important than ever to keep the cash flowing in, and the business lean and ready to take advantage of any opportunity that offers itself. Veteran business coach Alan Hargreaves recommends a "back to basics" approach. Recall how you did things when you were starting out and resources were scarce. Think of doing more with the assets you already have, and getting rid of anything you don't need.

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