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Webinar: How to escape your employer and start up in 2012

By Amelie Mills, posted on

On the face of it, 2012 will be an ideal year for aspiring Australian entrepreneurs to make the leap and start a business. Research shows that many employees crave a better work/life balance, as well as the freedom to implement their own ideas.

Throw in Australia’s stable economy, by global standards at least, and the falling cost of starting up, and this could be a bumper year for start-ups. But if you’re stewing over your business idea while working for someone else, how do you actually go about taking the plunge?

In this free StartupSmart webinar, author, investor and business guru Alan Hargreaves explains how you can plot your escape route in 2012.


Start-ups have more barriers to entry and exit

by Alan Hargreaves in the Australian Financial Review

The market for start-up capital is being squeezed at both ends.  On one hand, soft valuations have put exit sales into limbo. On the other, nervousness about a successful exit stops investors from entering in the first place.  It also means less capital returning for reinvestment.

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