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About Alan

Alan Hargreaves has spent 35 years in financial services and business consulting. His approach to management is highly effective, yet inspiringly simple. It focuses on real issues rather than strategic principles. His innovative mix of personal and collaborative action brings immediate traction. He is author of the management book, Recharge, published by John Wiley and Sons, and he collaborated with cartoonist, Patrick Cook, to publish 60 Second Recharge. Their latest book, Management Reboot, was released by Wilkinson Publishing in January 2017.

Alan is an economics graduate from the University of Sydney. He worked extensively in international finance and has built businesses in Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. Since returning to Australia, he has managed his own private investment trust. He has excellent presentation skills and has worked with business audiences through both radio and television. His private equity and advisory services span IT, media, property, finance, communications and retail. 

Alan remains heavily engaged in Asian business. He is a Director of precision electronics manufactuer, Beyonics, and of the Singapore-listed oil & gas firm, Amos. He is an advisor to several Asian venture capital funds and sits on the Advisory Board of the Hong Kong-based private equity firm, Shaw Kwei & Partners.

Alan is regularly engaged as a speaker, consultant and mentor. His passions are business, boats and breeding horses.

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Not-for-Profit Activities

Alan is involved with a number of not-for-profit organisations.  He is a full member of Philanthropy Australia, the national peak body for philanthropy professionals. He works closely with Uniting Care Burnside on Newpin, a national program for disadvantaged families. He is currently the Chairman of the Newpin Advisory Group. He is also a Director of The Sydney Retreat, a not-for-profit organisation building an affordable recovery centre for the treatment of alcholism and drug addiction.