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When you don't know what to do

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Sometimes it’s better just to make a decision.

We learn the theory of momentum early. Sit on a bicycle that’s not moving and it falls over. Pedal a little and it stays upright. You don’t have to go that fast to get some control. Once you are moving, you can go straight ahead or change direction.

You can go faster, but when you do, it gets riskier.

Neither extreme is much help when nothing is clear. In times of uncertainty, to paraphrase Pink Floyd, there’s no one to tell you when to run. Do nothing and you miss the starting gun.

On the other hand, going fast can build up momentum in the wrong direction.

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The trouble with values

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Here’s a quote:

Good corporate governance practice is an important ingredient in creating and sustaining shareholder value, and ensuring that behavior is ethical, legal and transparent.

Nothing special there. Much the same turns up in most value statements. Roughly translated, it says “lets make our business succeed rather than fail, and let’s do that by playing fair”.

Most would agree. So much so, that I’m not sure why people insist on stating it in lofty terms and enshrining it in fancy bold type. It’s like saying maybe we are not really like that but we’d like to be.

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Make sustainability pay

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Real changes don’t just sound good.

Unsustainable green initiatives make no sense. To be embedded in a business model, they need to impact on two things: cost and volume. Either they save money, or they produce more by using less.

It sounds simple, but sustainability is a tricky subject at any level.

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Staying simple in complex times

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Does rapid change call for big shifts in strategy?

It’s all going quicker. Product cycles are shorter. So is time to market. And, so the logic goes, marketing strategies and selling propositions need to change as well. Is that right?

On the contrary, refocusing on your core message can guide you through the complexity and overthink that characterizes rapid change. It keeps the business grounded and the firm’s identity intact.

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How to maintain business passion

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Your great idea and the three stages of love

You have a brilliant idea. Your boss will love it and you can already see your career growing on the back of it. Or maybe it’s an inspired concept for a new start-up. It’s the one that will launch your entrepreneurial dream.

This is love at first sight. You speak about it in those terms. It’s an expression of you; an extension of yourself. This perfect mate will help you manifest your real desires by creating something special.

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