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Entries in business valuation (4)


Selling a business at a better price

by Alan Hargreaves in the Australian Financial Review

In the final article of his succession planning series, Alan Hargreaves looks at valuing a business for exit.  The shorthand method for valuing a business is the so-called multiple, or price/earnings ration (P/E). It's the common way of evaluating quoted shares. It's familiar and easily understood as a result.

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Valuation all-important to a sale

by Alan Hargreaves in the Australian Financial Review

Third in a series of four about succession, by Alan Hargreaves.  For owners of a business, succession invariably involves a transaction.  The simplest succession plan is selling your business.  What about the transaction itself? How does that affect value?

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Sort out your value long before leaving

by Alan Hargreaves in the Australian Financial Review

Think hard about how your business might look to potential buyers, writes Alan Hargreaves. If your succession planning includes any kind of transaction, your business needs to be valued.

Moving on does not necessarily mean selling out.  Succession plans can incorporate employee share schemes, mergers, acquisitions, being acquired, buying out your partners or handing over to them.

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What is the value of your business?

by Alan Hargreaves in Flying Solo

People tend to focus on valuation only when they are ready to exit their business. But what if you put it front and centre when you come in the door?

Valuation doesn’t simply give you a price. It gives you a strategy. Rather than focusing solely on income, instead ask the question: what is the most valuable income I can create?

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