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Entries in decision-making (7)


Smart men, smarter women

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How diversity counters complexity.

The real driver behind the diversity debate is not social justice for women or minorities; it’s the need for better decision-making. The business environment is not just more complicated. It’s also more complex. Managing complexity requires diverse input.

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The Power of Doubt

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To make better decisions, embrace uncertainty

In the 1990s, I was running a trading team in New York. When staff and clients arrived at our annual Christmas party, we would ask them to name one stock that would beat the market in the next year.

This was important information. After all, we are talking about highly educated fund managers, savvy traders, the smartest people in the room.

We also had a dartboard. We would plaster it with the share price lists from the Wall Street Journal. Then we’d get everyone to throw a dart. We’d keep a record of that too.

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