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Shareholder value has nothing to do with the share market

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Why a lot of executive packages are outrageous and stupid

A loyal executive of 20 years reaches the rank of CFO. He’s smart, thorough and committed. He does a great job, earning options that convert at $10 a share. No one begrudges his package. He’s put in the yards and delivered the results.

The share price rises to $15. He plans to retire at 65, exercising his options and using the profit of $5 per share to finance his remaining years.

Then the stock markets tanks. The price falls to $5, his options expire worthless and after 20 years contributing to shareholder value, he retires with zip.

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Getting out at the top

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Nice work if you can get it

Sooner or later, entrepreneurs sell their business. It’s tradable just like any other asset.  Ideally, they do so at the right time, preferably when their life’s work is highly valued.

It’s different to “getting out at the top”. That’s a more dubious concept. For a start, it’s hard to do. It’s often more by chance than design. Can you really predict the top? I can’t. In forty years in finance, sometimes I’ve been right; sometimes wrong.

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